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Optimus Blue was created in response to companies’ unmet needs for clear processes, document organization and archiving, and information utilization. Our company enables organisations to become strong in business processes, organisational alignment practice and value maximisation.

Our focus is on implementing sustainable solutions for your business and build products that support your business goals and enables your organization to operate efficiently and make informed decisions. 

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Process Analysis & Optimization

At Optimus Blue we understand it’s not business as usual anymore.

Data Modeling

Data needs to be trusted across your organization and made availble to the right people at the right time and to enable better decision making.

Extreme Fuel Treatment

Prolongs Engine Life and Reduces Wear, Increases Fuel Economy, Reduces Harmful Emissions and Pollutants, Improves Vehicle Performance & Horsepower.

Process Improvement Initiatives

Performance, operational solutions, physical, environment, human factor solutions, training and Development are part of what we focus on.

We feature variety of services

Why? Because we understand the complexities of the regulations impacting these and similar spaces – and consistently deliver solutions that address them, while reducing risk, controlling costs and creating real process efficiencies.

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  • Customer Strategy and Marketing

Mining Services

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Representative in Mines and Quarries.

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Process Improvements

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Process Analysis and Optimization

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Performance Management System

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Policies and Procedures

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Data Modeling

Customer Strategy and Marketing

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