About Us

Optimus Blue was created in response to companies’ unmet needs for clear processes, document organization and archiving, and information utilization. Our company enables organisations to become strong in business processes, organisational alignment practice and value maximisation. Our focus is on implementing sustainable solutions for your business and build products that support your business goals and enables your organization to operate efficiently and make informed decisions.

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20+ years experience

Valuable Services

Experienced Professionals

Management Solutions


Mining Services

  1. Consulting & technical advisor
  2. Subcontrating
    1. Load & Haul
    2. Drilling & Blasting
    3. Earthwork & Civils
    4. Equipment Hire
  3. Mining Dispatch system


  1. Electronic document management solutions
  2. Business software solutions
  3. Archiving solutions
  4. IT infractures
  5. IT security solutions

Representative Mining and Quarries

  1. Assist interpreting and implementing mining code and regulations
  2. Periodic environmental audit
  3. Environmental landform engineering & water catchment analysis
  4. Reabilitations and closure liability cost estimation

Extreme Fuel Treatment

  1. Prolongs engine life and reduces wear
  2. Increases fuel economy reduces fuel consumption
  3. Reduces harmful emissions and environmental friendly
  4. Improves engin's performances

Processes Optimisation

  1. Organizational transformation
  2. Operational solutions
  3. Environmental and human factors solutions
  4. Strategic planning and development
  5. Implement Lean and Six Sigma

Our Partners